Empowering You to Operate your Household Better Using Science.

At Household Management Science Labs, we guide household members on the journey of understanding and optimizing the operations or running of the household based on household management science and practice-inspired frameworks and systems.

We operate as a division of LMSL, the Life Management Science Labs, a community that rigorously researches, curates, and creates the best life management solutions using science. We are your life companions and seek to use technology that enables us to reach people when they need us and support them in their transformational journey.

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Master life management with a comprehensive program, encompassing all aspects of life management.
Each course distills the Framework Fundamentals into bite-sized modules, allowing you to tackle specific areas of your life.
This structured guide unveils the essence of each framework element, providing clarity & in-depth understanding.
This comprehensive repository houses 16 sections, offering an extensive & organized collection of research data at your fingertips.
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On The House: The Household Management Science Insights Podcast

On the House: The household management science insights podcast, is a podcast from LMSL all about helping you or a friend – talking about anyone really- with no skill to develop their skills and confidence to build a healthy home lifestyle!
We talk about the freedom of living alone, how not to poison yourself. We even talk about laundry! Each topic addresses an element from the comprehensive framework of several domains and elements created by the Center for Household Management Science.

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How Confident Are You
In Your Home Management Skills?

Managing the home can be stressful when you have so many things to do on your plate. We’re all trying to maintain a well managed home, for our families and housemates, but sometimes we fail.

Keeping up with everyday housework is a challenging and time-consuming task, but there’s nothing wrong with striving to become better at it. That’s why we’re excited to provide you with this free Household Management Quiz, which will help you understand your current level of skill and give you advice on how to improve it.

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